Taiwan is a small Pacific island originally populated by Austronesian tribes. Magcha kummasa means "eye to dream" in a now extinct language spoken by the Favorlang-Babuza. They are one of the Austronesian tribes, who once established the Keizer van Middag within the modern day boundary of my home county, Changhua.

Taiwan's geographical proximity to China has drawn waves of Chinese Hoklo settlers over the centuries. The island first appeared in the western record as "Ilha Formosa" called by the passing by Portuguese sailors. Since the 17th century, the island's geopolitical importance has attracted successive imperial powers (including the Netherlands, Spain, China, and Japan) to seize control over Taiwan. Post-WWII era sees the Nationalist Chinese fleeing to the island, and again Taiwan's fate has been shaped between two superpowers: China and USA.

While such a history gave Taiwan a vibrant and diverse cultural outlook, it also drove the displacement and extinction of the indigenous people, and to a greater extent their cultural subordination to the Hoklo dominant society, now seen on the island. Since 2000 the Taiwanese government has begun to revive the island's Austronesian heritage, and in 2016 officially apologised for the historical wrongdoing on behalf of the island's Chinese population.