Taranjit Kaur Ahluwalia (MSc Genetics)

I recently graduated with merit in Msc Molecular Genetics from University of Leicester and looking for research job opportunity. I recently worked on project in neurogenetics with supervision of Dr. Ko-Fan Chen. 

Deekshitha Sanaboina (MSc Genetics)

I'm Deekshitha Sanaboina, I have a BSc Genetics and have completed my MSc in Molecular Genetics. I find science fascinating, especially Genetics and I'm inclined to be a part of the modern scientific revolution. 

Nichan Memet (Erasmus+)

Hello, I am Nichan Memet. I have completed my bachelor’s degree in the field of Molecular Biology and Genetics. During my studies I have worked on gene editing for rare disease therapies and on cancer immunotherapy. I was a part of Dr.Ko-Fan’s neuroscience team as an Erasmus+ Intern, I got involved in the research project to identify sleep controlling visual pathway in Drosophila. I am looking forward to continue my research life completing a MSc and a PhD on the relevant topics 

3rd year experimental project Undergraduates

Anjolaoluwa Adelaja (2021-2022), Krystal Carr (2022-2023), Jashmine Arulchelvan (2023-2024), Tobias Ollerenshaw (2023-2024)