Current members

Yu-Chien Hung (Postdoc)

I received my PhD from the Institute of Physiology at National Taiwan University under the supervision of Dr. Chih-Chiang Chan. My doctoral work investigated how mitochondrial proteins work in the process of apoptosis and autophagy pathways underlying neurodegeneration. I have worked on  experimental design and practice of Drosophila and cell lines. In the Chen Lab, I am focusing on understanding the interactions between photoreceptors and brain circuits as well as the relationship of sleep deprivation and light stimuli in Drosophila

Mehran Akhtar (PhD student)

I am a doctoral student in Neurogenetics at University of Leicester, UK, working on identifying the role of different genes in eye development using Drosophila and Zebrafish as model organisms. I have research experience in human genetics (especially immunogenetics), microbiology, and microbial comparative genomics. I am interested in the molecular mechanisms of eye development and behaviour (sleep and circadian clock).

Xinghua Li (PhD student)

I am a current PhD student in Dr Chen’s lab at University of Leicester. Applying my prior experience in working with Drosophila melanogaster during my iMsc (King’s College London), I am currently focused on investigating the effects of sleep and circadian clock on cancer progression via Drosophia model.